The True Italian Taste

The Extraordinary Italian Taste

ICCO’s mandate to raise awareness for authentic Italian products continues throughout 2019. Following the success of the last years, we will continue to highlight the authenticity, traceability, quality control, and certifications of authentic Italian foods with the goal of educating Canadian audiences on how to identify an authentic Italian product, in order to make informed purchases and enjoy the unrivalled quality of genuine Italian goods.

This year’s program includes visiting chefs from Italy, a series of master classes, tasting events, educational tours, ICCO’s week of Italian cuisine as per the following program.



Buyer Trips to Italy

Buyers from Ontario will be sent to Italy to meet with Italian companies, try their products and visit their companies and facilities to make new possible business relationships.

March 24-27, 2019: Torino

Authentic Italian Table

A series of dinner events dedicated to authentic Italian food in collaboration with local restaurants during which guests will be able to try special menus created by the chefs for the occasion.

June 5th, 2019:
Quatrefoil, Dundas ON

June 7th, 2019:

Royal Canadian Yacht Club – Island Clubhouse, Toronto

June 8th, 2019:

The Good Earth Food & Wine Co., Beamsville ON

June 17th, 2019:
The Local Restaurant – Centennial College, Toronto

Educational Tours

Educational Tours

Canadian influencers will travel to Italy for educational tours to learn more about the processes and certifications of authentic Italian products including cheese, cured meats, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and more.

June 2019: TBA

Educational Tours

CENTItalia 2019

From November 11 to 15, join the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO) for the fourth edition of CENTItalia: Gusto Cultura! Experience a week of authentic Italian cooking, education, and the Italian food lifestyle. Prominent chefs, food and wine experts, restaurateurs, influencers, educators, journalists, and foodies come together to celebrate the charm and simplicity of the Italian way of living.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and initiatives from the ICCO for ‘The True Italian Taste’ campaign and follow the ICCO’s social pages to stay updated!

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