The Authentic Italian Table 2021

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This year we are excited to present the fourth and fifth editions of The Authentic Italian Table series (AIT), which are part of the True Italian Taste project, and that will be taking place in the months of May, June, and September. These virtual events will be focusing on the promotion of authentic Italian products, their qualities, certifications, and unique characteristics and are organized in collaboration with our local partners.
Coffee & Dessert

“Coffee & Dessert”

September 2021

The second Authentic Italian Table event in 2021 is called Coffee & Dessert and will be the fifth edition since the beginning of this project. Coffee & Dessert is organized in collaboration with Eataly Toronto and Chef Mattia Pagliara of La Scuola di Eataly. During this hands-on class Chef Mattia will talk about authentic Italian coffee paired with a wonderful Italian dessert, Espresso Semifreddo with chopped hazelnuts, served with a cinnamon chocolate sauce and amaretto cookies.

The first class will take place on September 21st for media only. The second class is open to the public and will take place on Thursday September 23rd, 2021 at 4 pm via Zoom Webinar. Reserve your spot and get your kit at $75 (plus HST and delivery fee), which includes all necessary ingredients to prepare the dessert. All you need at home is a stand mixer or handheld mixer and a computer to connect.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 – 4 pm
„Coffee & Dessert“
Price: $75 (plus HST and delivery fee)

The Coffee & Dessert event is a hands-on cooking class to learn how to prepare the dessert together with Chef Mattia. During the class attendees will have the possibility to interact with the chef and ask him questions as they cook along, and he will be able to see everyone’s work and give helpful tips along the way.

Chef Mattia will teach the attendees how to prepare the dessert from start to finish. He will also demonstrate how to brew a traditional Italian espresso, the perfect accompaniment to enjoy with the dessert. The coffee will be prepared using a classic moka from Bialetti. Please note that the dessert requires a couple hours of refrigeration prior to be served.

During the class special attention will be given to the authentic Italian products used in this recipe. Chef Mattia will discuss the qualities and characteristics of Hazelnuts IGP from Piemonte, Cioccolato di Modica IGP and the traditional amaretti cookies.

Chef Mattia
Chef Mattia Pagliara

Mattia Pagliara was born in Milano in a southern Italian household, where food was at the centre of everyday life. Starting as a teenager, he worked in restaurants before moving to Australia for five months at the age of 21. He then moved to Vietnam, where he stayed for almost a decade running Italian restaurants and exporting his beloved culinary heritage to the local market. Pagliara moved to Canada in 2016 with his wife and daughter. In 2019, he joined the newest Eataly as the Chef of La Scuola di Eataly Toronto.

Chef Mattia
AIT Buonissimo 2021

The first event of this year’s Authentic Italian Table series will be organized in collaboration with selected local restaurants that are well known in the community for their outstanding Italian menus, some of them proud recipients of the “OI – Ospitalita’ Italiana”, a quality endorsement issued by the Italian Government to Italian restaurants all over the world that guarantees the respect of the typical standard of Italian hospitality. The launch event “Buonissimo!” of this AIT initiative will take place on Tuesday May 18th, 2021 at 6 pm via Zoom Webinar.

Authentic Italian Table – Buonissimo!
May 18, 2021 – 6pm
Launch Event

Six local restaurants, represented by their chefs, will be participating in an online competition and prepare a recipe live during the event. Each one of the chefs will receive a list of carefully selected products ahead of time which they will use to create a unique recipe for this event. The featured recipes will not only focus on authentic Italian products and the excellence of Italian cuisine but also highlight the importance of healthy eating within the context of the Mediterranean diet.

The participating restaurants are:

ARIA RISTORANTE (Chef Federico Seligardi)

Chef Federico Seligardi Chef Federico Seligardi
Federico Seligardi was born in 1988 in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  Since he was a child, Federico loved to travel and explore other countries, so right after graduating from the Aeronautical Liceum, he sets out to travel the world.  Upon his return he decides to dedicate himself to his other passion “food and cooking’.

Federico grew up in a family where his grandmother held an important role in making sure the cooking of the region was always available on the table.

He was always present to help out his ‘nonna’ and remembers very fondly making cappelletti with her many afternoons.

He decided to attend ALMA in 2013 and from then he started working and getting experience in Michelin starred restaurants in Italy and Switzerland.  Shortly after he landed in Canada and at ARIA where he began his wonderful relationship with the owners, Elena and Guido. They both gave him the possibility, under Eron’s (Chef Co-Owner of NOCE) guidance to move from Pasta Chef to Chef de Cuisine.  And as of today, Federico is still at the helm of ARIA Ristorante’s kitchen.


Chef Andrea Tranzillo Chef Andrea Tranzillo
Andrea was born and raised in Modena but is of Neapolitan origins. He studied at the Serramazzoni Hotel and Restaurant School and worked in some of the most famous restaurants in Modena including: L’Erba del Re by the Michelin-starred Chef Luca Marchini, Strada Facendo by the starred Chef Emilio Barbieri and for the luxury catering Bibendum by Marta Pulini. His native land and his origins have allowed him to access the secrets of the kitchens of Emilia Romagna and Campania, excellences in world gastronomic culture, and to blend them together giving life to a simple, intense, charismatic, traditional, complete, and passionate way of cooking.
CIBO WINE BAR (Chef Daniele Corona)
cibo wine bar
Chef Daniele Corona Chef Daniele Corona
Born in Naples, Italy, Daniele’s upbringing was that of classic and traditional Italian culture, one which embodies the values expressed in the food and practice at Don Alfonso 1890–authentic, articulate and affectionate. In Italy, food is the foundation of Italian culture, it is commonly celebrated in its ability to teach, express and continue family traditions. Since his youth, Daniele’s pleasure in food went above and beyond his palate. He learned to savour and respect the art of Italian cuisine, often studying and examining the ingredients and spices which have made Italian food one of the most influential cuisines in the world. Much of Daniele’s career has been centered among the most respected Chefs and restaurants in the world, many of which have been awarded with Michelin Stars. His experience and reputation in the affluent world of the Italian culinary arts would eventually lead him to Chef Ernesto laccarino. Ernesto recognized the talent and potential in Daniele which eventually earned Daniele the title of Chef de Cuisine of Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto. As a part of the Liberty Entertainment Group, Daniele also brings his expertise to Cibo Wine Bar as a Consulting Chef.
LOCALE RESTAURANT (Chef Andrea Censorio)
locale resto
Chef Andrea CensorioChef Andrea Censorio
Andrea Censorio started his culinary journey at the age of 17, completing his apprenticeship and culinary education at the King Edward Hotel and Humber College. Along with the King Edward Hotel, Andrea has worked in many 5-star Hotels around the world. Following his passion for Italian cuisine and curiosity to understand his native culture, he moved to Venice, Italy, working at the Molino Stucky Hotel and The Gritti Palace. Working with many experienced Italian Chefs from all over Italy, Andrea gained a great understanding of the traditional technique and knowledge of the Italian cuisine and culture. Returning to his home of Toronto, Andrea worked for Michelin Starred Chef Daniel Boulud at The Four Seasons Hotel. Bringing all his experience with him, Andrea currently is the Executive Chef of Locale Restaurants. Through this position, Andrea can bring all his culinary experiences into his kitchen, blending his modern-day creativity with his traditional Italian roots, while inspiring his teams along the way.
ORETTA RESTAURANT (Chef Gabriele Di Marco)
Chef Gabriele Di Marco
Like many chefs, Gabriele di Marco has been cooking since he can remember. When he was just eight years old, Gabe would forage for porcini mushrooms and wild asparagus in Sant’Agata di Militello, his hometown in Sicily, because he loved the thrill of discovery. He has not lost that sense of adventure. “I know it’s time to leave a position when I become comfortable,” muses Gabe, “When I no longer feel challenged.”

That’s why at the age of 27, after working in many of the classic trattorias in Southern Italy, the young chef moved to Australia to cook at La Casetta. Since then, Gabe has cooked classic French cuisine in Wickannish Inn in the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, Thai food in Bangkok and southern BBQ in Toronto’s Carbon Bar. “As a chef, you need to immerse yourself in world cuisine to fully appreciate your roots”. It wasn’t until 2013 that Gabe returned to his first love: Italian cooking, working as sous chef for the award-winning Nota Bene on Toronto’s hip Queen West. Today he is Head Chef for both Capocaccia Trattoria of Rosedale and the recently launched Oretta in Toronto’s Fashion District. Despite travelling the world, Gabe still finds the greatest pleasure in simple Southern Italian fare. When asked what his last meal would be, he replied with a wistful smile, “It would be a toss-up between the iconic involtini di pesce spada (Sicilian swordfish rolls) and lasagna di mamma”.


Chef Daniel Mezzolo
Chef Daniel Mezzolo was born in Spilimbergo, Friuli. As a child he spent most of his time in the kitchen with his nonna Maria and from her he inherited his love for cooking. After graduating from the Istituto Alberghiero of Aviano, he worked for many national and international hotels and restaurants as well as Michelin-Starred restaurants in Northern Italy. One of his many trips landed Chef Daniel in Canada, where he worked as the Executive Chef of a small restaurant in northern Ontario, Gusto 101 and SOHO House before joining the Terroni Family as Executive Chef in 2018. “What I love most about working at Terroni is that it preserves the simplicity and authenticity of Italian Cuisine and I just love being a part of that.”
Guiding us through the event will be TV personality and producer Michelle Jobin, who will engage with the chefs and ask them to present their dishes. A group of media will be participating in this special live event and watch the chefs as they prepare their dishes. The media will then select the winners of the following categories:

Best use of ingredients from the list
Most authentic Italian dish
Most creative dish
Most visually attractive dish
Most appealing name of dish
Best ‘Chef’s choice’ Ingredient

Each of the six restaurants will be awarded one of the categories and receive a special acknowledgement from ICCO Canada and True Italian Taste. This event will kick off the Authentic Italian Table initiative, during which the selected 6 restaurants will feature the dish they created in their restaurant menu, at a special price, available for customers to order for delivery or pick-up, or to eat in the restaurant. This special plate will be made available following the “Buonissimo!” event from May 19th until June 20th.

Michelle Jobin

Michelle Jobin

Michelle Jobin is a television personality and spokesperson with almost two decades of experience in broadcast and online media. After producing and hosting 54 episodes of Dining Toronto, Michelle has become a fixture in the city’s food scene. In 2020, Michelle and co-host Jasmine Baker launched Breaking Bread, a podcast that leverages their industry connections to delve into what’s happening behind the scenes in Toronto’s best kitchens. From social justice to new food trends—no topic is off the table on Breaking Bread. Michelle often appears as an emcee or spokesperson, both on-camera and for live audiences. She has hosted a number of high profile events including Taste of Toronto, Global Citizen Forum, S. Pellegrino Young Chef competition, Interac Dinner in Black, Chefs for Change and the inaugural Nespresso Café Gourmand competition in Toronto.

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Awards & Signature Dishes

Buono Stelvio
cibo wine bar
locale resto