Under the Stars

November 25, 2020

The 8th edition of the ICCO Canada Pentola d’Oro – Under the Stars is an online event to promote excellence in food and wine and to recognize individuals as well as businesses and their outstanding contribution to the food and beverage industry, taking place on Wednesday November 25 at 6 pm via Zoom Webinar.

As part of the True Italian Taste program, promoted and financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, this year’s ICCO Canada Pentola d’Oro – Under the Stars celebrates Italian culinary arts, certified and authentic Italian products and ingredients.

Michelin Star Chef Cristina Bowerman – connected live from Italy – will present a menu, which will incorporate the Italian regional traditions with the local Canadian excellence and produce, from the farm to the table. Attendees will be able to experience and taste this exclusive dinner, from the comfort of their homes, while celebrating the award winners.

ICCO Canada Pentola d’Oro – Under The Stars will bring together the key players in the food and wine sector of Ontario such as restaurants, suppliers, packaging innovators, catering and delivery providers, grocery and beverage experts as well as numerous media, influencers, food writers and bloggers, all in a virtual environment. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
6 pm

ICCO Canada Pentola d’Oro – Under The Stars will start with the presentation of an outstanding, one of a kind menu, prepared by Michelin Star Chef Cristina Bowerman specifically for the occasion.

Chef Cristina will connect directly from Italy to explain the menu and its preparation, the authentic and certified Italian ingredients used, and the inspiration behind the dishes throughout the evening.

The evening will be presented by tv personality and producer Michelle Jobin, who has been following the True Italian Taste initiatives very closely in the last few years.

With the collaboration of Chef Roberto Fracchioni, the Canadian Brand Ambassador of Prosciutto di Parma, chef and food consultant, and Eataly Toronto a dinner kit will be put together ahead of time, and attendees will have the opportunity to order it and enjoy it during the event.

Participating media and influencers will receive a complimentary dinner kit including information on the program, recipes and products to fully experience the evening.

The menu of the evening
“Future, Present and Past of Authentic Italian Cuisine”


Eggplant cube with pomegranate molasses

The ingredients of this vegetarian steak, prepared with coconut milk, green curry and peanuts, represent a mix of cultures that come together on a plate with unexpected flavours.


Ravioli del Plin stuffed with Amatriciana sauce

These ravioli, typically made in Piedmont, are stuffed with Lazio’s traditional sauce: Amatriciana. Past and present merge in traditional shape and new content: small little bites of joy, that recall childhood memories.


Sous vide beef tenderloin with foie gras torchon with chocolate demi-glace

There’s nothing that serves as a more luxurious, rich, and velvety reminder of classical  regal, élitaire cuisine than this filet.  The lengthy process involved in creating the demi-glace and the foie gras torchon are both testimony of a different time period and lifestyle, social approach to food, that did not focus on the nutritional and eco-sustainable issues that are paramount nowadays

ICCO Canada Pentola d’Oro – Under The Stars will include the annual awards ceremony of outstanding individuals or companies in the food and wine sectors, which contributed to the promotion of Italian food and wines and raised awareness in healthy eating and quality ingredients in Canada. It will be an excellent moment to showcase the extraordinary commitment to food and wine excellency of various businesses in our area.


gabe torchetti


Gabriele Torchetti
Lady York Foods

Massimo Capra

sponsored by Fortinos

Chef Massimo Capra
Capra’s Kitchen

Joe Pulla


Joe Pulla
Johnvince Group of Companies

filomena frisina
Colin Halpern


Colin Halpern
Halpern Enterprises

Chef Cristina Bowerman

Chef Cristina Bowerman, the only female chef with one Michelin star in Rome, was born in Cerignola, a small town in Puglia, Italy. After obtaining a Law degree, she moved to San Francisco in the U.S. While there, she got her first experience in a kitchen at one of the city’s renowned coffee houses, Higher Grounds.

After some time, she decided to make a move to the city she loves: Austin, Texas. It is in Austin that she graduated with a Culinary degree, finally discovered her love for cooking and decided to become a professional. 

Her first experience with high-end cuisine came under the mentorship of Chef David Bull, a James Beard Award winner. From there she decided to create her own style and make it as personal as possible.

In addition to many other accolades, she has been recognized with the “Tre forchette – Gambero Rosso” in 2020, and she is the author of two cookbooks. Her most recent, published in 2019, is entitled The Chef Meets The Artist.

Cristina’s commitments are legendary and tackle several fronts, starting with training and teaching. Since 2016 she has served as the President of Associazione Italiana Ambasciatori del Gusto (The Italian Association of Taste Ambassadors).

Chef Cristina’s commitment as “Ambasciatore del Gusto” started in 2015 when she was appointed Chef Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015. There, together with Paolo Marchi and Cesare Battisti, she had the chance to launch the Ambasciatori del Gusto experience. Recently she joined Chef Manifesto, the initiative launched by Paul Newnham, which aims to end hunger, achieve security food and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030.

Chef Cristina has always tried to represent a role model for women in the male-dominated culinary world. Her efforts toward empowering females working in the field in addition to promoting and defending women in society has garnered her several awards and recognitions including, “Best Female Italian Chef in Europe.”

Chef Cristina’s creativity in the kitchen, her commitments in various areas and her ability to speak three languages give her the opportunity to travel around the world to hold workshops and talks or to cook at important venues for several VIP personalities, constantly enriching her culturally-influenced cuisine.

As she says, “If we could overlap all food cultures of the world like sheets of paper, we would see that one small corner always overlaps. That is the point of connection and continuity and that is the corner I always look for.”


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