January 2021

Tracing the dynamic development of the business community of Italian origin in Canada, this book narrates the growth and the transformation of the commercial, economic, social and urban landscape of Toronto and the GTA by documenting the contribution and influence of the Italian Canadian community, its settlement and its economic development through the lives and actions of 45 leaders. The Italian-Canadian community has been a catalyst in the dynamic development and transformation of the commercial landscape of Toronto and the GTA since the beginning of the twentieth century, and continues to shape Toronto today. If one looks at the growth and expansion of the Italian Canadian business community, one will notice the seeds of the future development. The tomorrow section is about the young people today that are already marking society and that are responsible for its future transformation. From food to finance and from aerospace to health, innovation is what unites this generation over a range of diverse economic sectors


The change, growth and development of the Italian-Canadian business community In Toronto and the GTA from the 20th century until today


Preface by the Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of the City of Vaughan


This is a book that documents the immense contribution of the Italian-Canadian business community to the social, cultural and economic prosperity of Toronto and the GTA. Covering the economic developments, trends and changes from the 20th century until today, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow will narrate the history of a dynamic, influential community as well as the leaders of tomorrow who will contribute to the final phase of integration in Canada.