The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario Canada (ICCO Canada) – in collaboration the Embassy of Italy to Canada, Consulate General of Italy in Toronto, Italian Trade Agency, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, and Italian National Tourist Board – is proud to introduce you to our “Italy A Place To Go”.

This inaugural event is created to spread knowledge that goes beyond the typical Italian charms and attractions. “Italy A Place To Go” will show us all how Italy is both a place of beauty and sustainable opportunity for the future.

The broad perspective from this event will highlight the Economy, Design & Architecture, Innovation & Technology, and Tourism & Culture.

Several brilliant Italian speakers with diverse cultural and economic backgrounds will deliver lectures in these fields beginning on July 5th and ending on July 15th.

July 5, 2021 – Italian Economic System (Speakers: Domenico Mauriello, Francesco Daveri)
July 7, 2021 – Innovation & Technology (Speakers: Cesare Lobascio, Francesco Norante)
July 8, 2021 – Architecture & Design (Speakers: Maria Grazia Mattei, Mario Cucinella)
July 15, 2021 – Tourism & Culture (Speakers: Darius Arya, Oscar Farinetti)

These lectures will provide useful knowledge and insights via Zoom.

Here at the ICCO Canada, we strive to further facilitate all business opportunities between Italy and Canada.

All entrepreneurs, businesspersons, and all those curious to receive insights into Italian culture should participate and see why Italy is truly “A Place To Go.”

event organized in collaboration with

Italian Embassy in Ottawa
Italian Embassy in Toronto
Italian Trade Agency
Instituta Italiano Di Cultura
Italia National Tourist Board
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JULY 8, 2021

Italian Design Day


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