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Regione Calabria
Unioncamere Calabria

This project is funded by the Region of Calabria through the “Piano di Azione e Coesione (PAC) 2014/2020”
Asse 3 “Competitività dei sistemi produttivi” (OT3)
Obiettivo specifico 3.4 “incremento del livello di internazionalizzazione dei Sistemi Produttivi”

The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO) and Regione Calabria – Dipartimento Presidenza – Settore Internazionalizzazione, with the support of Unioncamere Calabria, are proud to announce “Promotion of Regione Calabria’s agri-food products and its excellencies in Canada”, a project who’s aim it is to present trade opportunities for the Calabrian food and wine sector in the Canadian market.

The project’s objective is to present the food and wine excellencies that are typical of Calabria and its territory to the Canadian market. The main events of this project are:

targeted initiatives to identify the food and wine products that would be best suited to be brought into the Ontario market

the organization of a buyer delegation that will visit Calabria for the selection of products that will then be introduced into the market

a series of promotional initiatives, tasting events, presentations to industry people and opinion leaders, that will be held in selected grocery stores and chain stores

promotion of the food and wine excellencies of the region for industry people, media, influencers and general public during ICCO’s week on Italian cuisine, from November 11 to 15 2019, with one day exclusively dedicated to Calabria

These activities will include targeted and well thought out initiatives whose objective is to promote the excellencies of the food and wine products of Calabria in Canada and to help place these products on the shelves of grocery stores in Ontario and of the GTA. The initiatives will include the selection of products, presentation, organization of b2b meetings, tasting events, participation of key industry people, the involvement of media, social media and food bloggers, who will help to spread the word about the new products that will be available on the shelves.

Castello Le Castella


May 9-10, 2019

Delegation of buyers to Catanzaro, Calabria

May 10, 2019 – morning

Workshop – Canada as a Country
The food and wine excellencies of Calabria in Ontario
Cittadella Regionale, Catanzaro, Calabria

May 10, 2019 - afternoon

B2B with companies from Calabria
Cittadella Regionale, Catanzaro, Calabria

Sept. – Dec. 2019

Initiative kickoff and exhibition corners in various grocery stores with opportunity to buy the products
Toronto, Ontario

November 11 – 15, 2019

ICCO’s week of Italian cuisine / Pentola d’Oro
Participation of food and wine companies from the Region of Calabria in the event on November 12th, which will be dedicated entirely to the excellencies of that region
Toronto, Ontario

Castello Le Castella

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May 10th, 2019 – B2B meetings in Catanzaro


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