The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario is pleased to announce its exciting new editorial project, Pizza Cultura, a book entirely devoted to the most popular and celebrated dish around the world: pizza!

No one knows exactly how or when it happened but someone in 18th century Naples took the common flatbread and topped it with a New World vegetable, the tomato. Then a few years later pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito, wanting to impress the visiting queen, added mozzarella and basil.  And suddenly the “tre colori” pizza, an Italian icon, was born.

Pizza Cultura takes an in-depth look at the world’s most beloved dish. The history. The ingredients. The tools of the trade. Its varieties, mutations, and ever-increasing popularity across the globe.

Pizza Cultura is scheduled for launch on November 14, 2017 during CENTITALIA, a week long event on Italian cuisine and authentic and certified Italian products, with the presence of chef from Italy and in-residence, and the organization of master classes, workshop and a symposium.

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